My Uni Crush

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sua

I was never a girly type of girl, I always liked to spend my time with boys playing as kids and chilling. But I was always very feminine and had several serious boyfriends. I never ever thought about girls as potential sexual beings. Then I went to university in Florence. I arrived there and was hating everyone around me, and then I saw her. She was so beautiful, the perfect Italian girl, very simple in her look but so magnetic... We started to talk and became friends. But there were always those eyes... telling me so much more... so deep and so fucking sexy... then she changed uni and disappeared. I moved to Germany. We stayed in contact on Facebook but it was always a different type of friendship.
Years later she came to visit with her boyfriend. I was with mine - an open minded french guy - and we went to our favorite club. The deep super cool Berlin techno scene, we even took some pills... and after that of course our perceptions and sensations were extremely strong... It wasn't possible to hold myself back anymore, we kissed... her tongue so soft... it was too hot for me... I always thought it'd been in my imagination, but then she started to touch me on the dance floor. She was wearing a top without bra, open on the side, and when I touched her nipples she started to play with my clitoris, pretty intensely. I came straight away, on the dance floor in front of the DJ and the other people and our boyfriends. It was crazy and incredible. After that I was sure that this relationship was much more the just a uni friends thing...