My Shy Wife

A Sexual Fantasy

— By tmr

My wife was inexperienced sexually when we met. When we’re out in public, she get’s very upset with any innocent flirting by me or even another guy flirting with her. Despite being brilliant, physically beautiful and looking like she is 10 years younger, she is very self-conscious that she is not really attractive or desirable physically or sexually.

My fantasy starts with my convincing her to do a little innocent flirting with other guys at public events with me unobtrusively watching at a distance. It really turns me on to see other guys eyeing her up and coming on to her.

Then one time, I convince her to go to an event “alone” and flirt with an attractive guy (maybe 10-15 years younger) who she connects with physically and intellectually and tells the story that she is married, but that I am out of town for several weeks. After a while, she indicates that she is getting ready to leave, but has been having some random car problems and is worried about breaking down at night on her way home. She asks the guy she has been flirting with if he will follow her to make sure she gets home OK and he agrees. After arriving, she thanks him and invites him up for a quick cup of coffee. While talking, she tells him that she has been really horny with me away and has tried to relieve herself with masturbation, but can’t really get aroused by herself. She convinces him to stay for a short time and watch, but not touch, while she touches herself and tries to get aroused. He eventually agrees and within a few minutes, she masturbates herself to an intense orgasm with him watching and then he nervously says goodbye and let’s himself out.

Unknown to the stranger, I followed them home to make sure my wife was safe. I snuck into the house and hid where I could secretly see and watch to whole thing. After he is gone, I come out of hiding super-aroused and with my wife already just having had one orgasm, and we end making passionate love all night long with her new found confidence in her own beauty and sexuality.