My Physical Equal

A Sexual Fantasy

— By fantasyfox

I have a fantasy about being with a tall strong woman or women. I'm a strong 6 foot tall man and I'd like to have a girl I could literally wrestle with in the sack. A woman who could match my strength. Occasionally I like to watch porn of dominant lesbian women wrestling their partners into submission. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun and hot stuff. Whether guys wrestling girls, or girls vs. girls, or even better a battle royal threeway, the raw primal physical nature must be a crazy rush of endorphins and the most intense orgasm ever!

I've known this beautiful, tall, strong, short haired Russian girl for several years that I have fantasized wrestling with. She's a former co-worker of mine and I remember constantly checking out her long legs and great butt at work. She's got a great sense of humor and a love of comedy so I'm sure we would share some laughs while having very playful but very physical sex. She's an inch or two taller than me and I think she could come close to physically matching my strength. She may be able to overpower me and I would love it. I would love her to sit on my face and pull my face hard into her wet pussy while she grinds hard all over my tongue and face until she comes hard. Hot!!