My personal coach

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Nika

My partner and I have been in each others life for two years now, and our sexual life always have been very active and creative. We now live together and enjoy a more "relationship-like" life together. Lately, we've been busy using our creativity for making art-work and music, but not so much for our sexual life.

My partner is a kinesiologist, and works as a personal trainer for a very selective sportiv club, in Montreal. He trains people with very high level of life, like athletes, important architects, actors, etc. Of course, he as a very muscular and exquisite body. He is himself an ex-football player. A very tall, muscular man, on his late twenties. Green eyes, long hair tied in a bun.

Yesterday, we decided to have a training together and he invited my at his job, so we can use professional equipment, rather than the usual TR-X type training in the park near our apartment.

I did not expect that that training with him would excite me that much. During my work out, I had the best view ever. I was looking at him like if he was cake. Working hard, screaming for strenght, sweating like a beast. It was amazing.

I could look without any barrier, what my man looks like when he's training. A very firm but, big sculpted muscles everywhere. I was getting so excited that during my squats, I could feel little electric shocks starting from inside my vagina and going all the way up to my nipples.

We finished our training and went downstair in the staff room so he could get something in his locker...

In that room, I wish I had gave him the best oral sex of his life. But not all the way to the end, because I would have wanted his hard and large beautiful penis very deep inside me.

But it didn't happen. That uncompleted scene is still in my dream, and hopefully, it will get completed the next time we train together.