My own Mrs. Robinson

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Alexxx

When I went to university, I was sexually inexperienced... I did not even live on campus, but rented a room in town. My landlady was a widow, mid 40's, I guessed. As a joke, I always called her Mrs. Robinson, like in that movie with Dustin Hofmann. How could I know, that the same was going to happen with me in the near future? Because it was with her, that I had my first spanking experience.

It was on a very dreary winter's day that it happened... She was a very attractive woman, red curls, with a very curveous body. I started being a peeping Tom when I noticed that I could look into her room from the balcony of my room. So, obviously, I did. A lot... Until she noticed... One night, I was playing Peeping Tom... I saw her undress... I saw her putting on a flimsy, silk nightgown, when I started jerking off. Suddenly, she disappeared from view, and before I knew it, she stormed into my room, blazing mad! When she confronted me with what I've done, she gave me 2 choises: 1) Leave immediately, or 2) Take my punishment.

Since I did not want to lose my room, I opted for nr. 2, not knowing what it would be. She ordered me to follow her to her bedroom. There, she let me bend over, with my pants on my ankles. The first slap came by surprise, making me firm up my buttocks on instance. After that she caressed my butt, to make it relax again. But then... Slap after slap after slap... I received about 20 slaps on my butt, until it was on fire, and my cock went rock-hard, pre-cum dripping down my shaft! Sha saw it too, and before I knew it, my whole cock disappeared in her eager mouth! I came much to soon, but that dreary winter's day marked my future forever. And my landlady? Mrs. Robinson? Well, let me put it this way, I did not have to pay rent anymore, but my buttocks were constantly coloured in a fiery red!