My Mysterious Masquerade

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ts89

I dream about a masquerade. One like they are having in the phantom of the opera . Everybody is wearing gorgeous dresses, drinking expensive cocktails, hiding not only their faces but also their thoughts behind masks. Suddenly, there is this one man, standing in the corner, staring at me. I stare back, sipping on my drink. When our eyes meet, we both know what this is about. The party goes on. We see every now and then, he seems to appear everywhere I go. But we don't talk. And then suddenly, he's gone. I wander around the house, desperately looking for him, but he has simply disappeared. Disappointed and horny as ever I leave the party. I leave the house, cross the street, only wanting to go home after this fucked up evening.
And then, there he is. My mysterious mask guy, waiting for me around the next corner. Ready to make this the perfect night.