My Misbehaving Wife

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Pu4e

Ages ago I shared a very common fantasy of modern men with my wife: that it turned me on to think that she is unfaithful and having an affair with someone. She is a bit shy when it comes to talking about it or making it a bit more real, and I was frustrated that we don't seem to enjoy something potentially so exciting. One night in August she went out with a few girls she knows - they were supposed to go for a few drinks and dance a bit. They are all married and all except my wife were very traditional and judging when it comes to one of them misbehaving on the dance floor. I was at home looking after the kids, and eventually went to bed. She came back about 1AM, a little drunk, and looking really hot in her black short dress. She asked me if I wanted to hear what had just happened. I nodded. - Well - she says- someone I just met fingered me in one of the small, dark streets down town. You can check for yourself if you want to know how wet I am. I was touching his huge erected cock - and as he was a student from Namibia, it wasn't tiny - she smiled.
I came closer to her, grabbed her quickly and egearly. We had most passionate sex in ages (probably ever). I still wish that this could happen more often ;-)