My Milk Maid

A Sexual Fantasy

— By [email protected]

I’m your basic traditional conservative male married to a vanilla female. I’ve grown up in my 44 years around the sun, I have learned more and matured in my sexuality. I was a late bloomer as they say. As a physician I feel that I’m always the one telling people what to do, how to do it and how to make everybody feel better. Then, I come home and I have to be the dominant male in the family. My fantasy or maybe my need in life is to find a more dominate female that will take control and give me what I need.

I would love a fantasy of me dressed in a beautiful satin skin- tight teddy and my wife naked with her breasts out and her beautiful nipples erect. She teases me for a bit as she pushes her nipple toward my aching mouth then takes it back away. Me laying down as I cuddle beside her as she extends her full breast into my hungry mouth and then I begin to find my center position and aim my upper and lower lips around her brown large circluar areola and my tongue extending and her nipple goes all the way into the back of my mouth as to properly suckle on her beautiful breasts. Like a baby, I take her entire breast and nipple into my mouth. Never letting go, I take my time, relaxing and massaging her areola’s one breast at a time. I would love if she begins to massage my hair while I suckle her breasts. Then we move to another position As she enjoys this sensual mouth to nipple and breast massage as she whispers to me “I love how you suck me“. She rolls her hand towards my ass. With my my anal toy or her finger as she lubes my anus and begins to thrust inside to massage my P spot. Milking me as I milk her. This is done very slowly and sensual. I would love to see her breast explode as she lets down and milk drips into my mouth. She then rides me to climax as I continue to drink her milk.

My fantasy is based on bonding and closeness. Adult nursing is a new fetish that I desire. I would love that fantasy/desire be replicated on film. The incredible release of oxytocin between a man and women during adult nursing can be 10x more powerful than sex. The closeness of being brought to the breast is what I fantasize about not so much as feeding or consuming the breast milk. There is a love, a light, that can only be found within the bounds of a dedicated adult nursing relationship, an encompassing connection that arises from the physical act of putting mouth to breast rather than from what those giving breasts are able to produce. This is what I fantasize about.