My Library Partner

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lolita

We're in the same class. He's the bad guy, the cool kid. I'm mostly invisible in the crowd and a bit nerdy, but we do notice each other. I propose to help him with studying and we end up in the library for hours. It's full of students and very, very quiet. We have a hard time finding a free place to study but eventually find a spot in a small corner. I teach him every theory. He stares at my lips and realizes how strangely attractive I am when I know what I'm talking about. He smiles, puts his hand just above my knee and whispers: "Thank you for the help". I feel a bit of doubt, but then I look into his eyes and let lust, which I didn't know I even had, take over. "You're very welcome," I say, and I move his hand to my inner thigh. He stares into my eyes in silence. Then he gets under the table and as I look at him in astonishment, he holds a finger to his lips to remind me to stay silent. After he takes off my underwear, I am more concentrated than I have ever been before. Not on formulas, but on my pulsing body which starts to feel heavenly while I. can't. make. a. single. sound. After I come, he gets up and enters me softly. His strokes are slow and confident, he knows exactly how he's making me feel and keeps me on the edge of making a sound releasing the build up of sexual energy inside of me. His fingers draw over my neck, my shoulders, through my hair, as he touches the pages of a book filled with wisdom he finally comprehends. I'm learning him that obtaining this knowledge can bring him ecstasy too, as I see his eyes roll back a little when he reaches, let's say, an academic peak. As we say goodbye, he asks me: "Don't we have another test next week?"