My Lesbian Aunt

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Al

Me and my aunt (5 years older than me) are very close. One day we were in her house. Literally clueless of what we were going to do. And she started a conversation along the lines of

"Hey, do you know how to kiss?" And then we started kissing for no reason. And every time I'd come home from school and see her passing by, I'd put my right index finger through my circled fingers using my left thumb and index finger. That'd mean I wanted to have sex again. And she would nod. She does have a younger brother, but he never says a thing to their parents nor mine. We moved on. After a few years, we didn't even talk about it even a single bit. We were just kids back then. And then her parents got bankruptcy in their store. So they worked for us. Her and her mom. She worked as a store seller. And she sometimes braided my hair before I went back to school in the afternoon. And one time she asked me "do you still watch porn?" And I replied "yes." She gave me a smirk. A day after that, which was Saturday, mom told us we were going to the mall with her. So when we got home from the city, it was very late so my parents decided she'd sleep in my room since the other bed was empty. And so she slept there. I let her borrow my other phone. And she was like "wanna watch porn?" I nodded. She went to my bed and arranged herself. She then searched for lesbian videos. We were enjoying it. Then I felt a hand on my pussy. It was rubbing it very soft. My legs were still closed. I do not know why I spread them. She then smiled and slid her hands inside me. She felt so good. Fuck yeah. She licked, fingered me, stuck herself into me. She felt damn good. And up until now, she's been visiting our house during weekends and I always enjoy weekends. I won't have to worry about getting pregnant. I have my aunt.