My First Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By laurapb

I'm quite young, my name is Laura, and I don't know if I have so much sexual desire because I'm young or because I've never had any sexual experiences that were good. But, I have this fantasy with girls. Ok, it is a lil bit normal but for me it's like, fire all over my body. I imagine me and a girl, maybe some guy with us, but let just keep the girl in this fantasy. And we just meet, and we're a little drunk, we go to my place, or hers, and we start to kiss each other, and srsly, I love boobs, so we start to touch each other and I'm afraid because I've never had a lesbian sex. So she teaches me. I take off her clothes and she asks me to take mine off and she watches wile I take my shirt off. We kiss again, and she has this nice hair, and she is so in love with me, like I'm in love with her, in that room. We go to bed, and I start to kiss her boobs, and I go down on her, and she likes it, but she also tells me what I have to do. In the end, she sleeps next to me because we are tired and the next morning she will be gone but she will leave a note with her number.
Well, this is my thing.