My Beautiful Aunt

A Sexual Fantasy

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When I was 20 years old one of my uncles got married. Well he was a really busy man. And we used to live in an urban area but my father and uncle used to work in the town and my mother was a teacher. My aunt was friendly with me. One day no one was home and my aunt just came from her bath. She was wearing a cloth called saree but there was no bra and nothing underneath. Well I saw that but I thought, its okay. Suddenly she was opening the door and, well, eventually I saw everything underneath. After that day I used to see her whenever she went to take a bath in the pond. It is not normal to get naked in our culture but she used to get naked and she was chastised for that. As the bathing area in pond was covered with square fence I used to go to our rooftop and watch her. I saw her naked a lot of times and she knew it. I used to masturbate thinking about her then. Today I am 25 and still I dream of her. I hope one day she would love to have sex with me before its too late. I don't masturbate just watching a woman's body anymore. It was childish but that is my story. And I told no one but you about it.