My Aphrodite Woman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Youngdreamer

I am a student in the music academy. 22 years old.

As long as I can remember, mature women seemed to intrigue me in ways younger women, or men, couldn't.

I've never had sex with an older woman, and now there is this beautiful, sexy, 50+ years old voice teacher who caught a fraction of my mind.

I can't help but love the her figure, her small wrinkles around the eyes, her skin, her hair, and obviously, her classical singing. She looks like Aphrodite.

Oh, and did I mention I was a girl too?

In my wildest fantasy, we chat in the academy's cafe and realize this intense, unstoppable sexual tension. She is married with kids, but never tried having sex with a woman, a young woman in particular. At first we try to dismiss those exciting feelings, but then I see her again the next day and when our eyes meet we just know.

She goes to one of the available practice rooms in the academy, and I just follow her not even saying bye to my friend s, as if I have no control over my body.

I open the door where I find her waiting, a little scared, and she says something like "what are you doing to me?" And that's when we kiss.

What matters to me in all of this, is HER pleasure. What turns me on the most is the thought of me licking her pussy, kissing her body and focusing on her until she cums. I don't even need to be touched. It's like she's this goddess.

I would be SO thankful if you could turn my fantasy into this amazing artwork of yours.