My ANR Life

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LatexLover1953

I see the look in your eyes that says” it’s time” I pull into the rest area and I watch as you remove our privacy blanket from your bag and slowly unbutton your crisp white blouse. You have now revealed the lace trim on my favorite nursing bra to me and any passers-by that watch. Now you cover up and I hear the delightful snap as the latch is undone. I reposition toward you and you say “left one first” I am greeted with a very erect nipple and hardened areola. The first magnificent pearl of your milk has already coursed through your breast and hangs there in anticipation. I playfully tongue it and as you cradle my head to your engorged breasts you chide me with “No playing, save that for tonight.” I latch and suckle. I feel the multiple jets of milk, sweet as can be, pooling at the back of my mouth. I swallow hungrily and continue to relive the pressure. My hands gently encircle your most delicate skin and I hold it firmly but tenderly. Your arousal builds and I hear your quickened breaths. Then I know what you want, and provide the strong suction that brings the pleasure that you so desire. It is right there at the pain/pleasure crossroad. That pre-orgasmic shadow land is where I leave you. I unlatch with a pop. And give it a playful lick. It is only our two pm, session and we still have to drive three hours to get home. You sigh and know that this is what we do to each other. I hear the plastic snap again as you straighten yourself out and fold the blanket. You cuddle in my arm as we drive away. We recount the excitement and joy in our efforts to induce you and remember, I have that picture of your first drop of liquid gold in my wallet, never to be shown to anyone.

That night as you ride on top of me your breasts leak and stream on me. I am in heaven.