Mutual Masturbation on a Lazy Sunday

A Sexual Fantasy

— By DeviantDoom

It's Sunday morning and I am awake. Although not entirely. Just enough to realise there's something afoot. My husband is a lighter sleeper than I and he has obviously gotten bored as I slept. I carefully glance as I don't want to disturb him. The sheets are just below his navel allowing the slightest glimpse of his bush. His hands are exploring beneath the sheets. His movements are long and slow. He's taking his time. Letting his pleasure build. A luxuriant wank he calls them. His eyes are closed and he's lost in pleasure. He is oblivious to my gaze. My cunt aches. I squeeze my thighs together but I need more. Internally I scream "Move the sheet!" My greedy fingers slowly wander inside my soon soaked panties. I stay quiet, I don't want to let him know I'm watching but I want to see more. He shifts his foot, the sheet moves downwards and finally his cock and his machinations are unobscured. I let out a little squeal of pleasure. Fuck! My cover is blown. His eyes open and he flashes a smile. That fucking filthy smile of his. I know what is coming next. I smile back. This is just the beginning...