Mutual Disclosure

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Collin

I sometimes find it hard to tell my girlfriend that I have a sexual wish. Especially if it's something that seems strange or dirty. My fantasy was that I wanted to open her pussy up with a vaginal speculum. I had a specific one in mind: a stainless steel Collins speculum. Its blades open to the side and spread her pussy deliciously open for me. They leave an unobstructed view upon her clitoris, too.

It was difficult to tell her, and at the same time, that was part of the thrill: moving forward and back between "I could tell her now" and "No, not now." When I finally told her that I want to slide the speculum into her pussy, even the act of telling her was such a turn-on. Also the pause that followed was so hot. I felt my cock getting hard. " the gynecologist?" she asked. Still, I didn't know what she felt about it, and my disclosure and the uncertainty were so arousing. "Yes." I said, now no longer able to hold back. "I want to see you wide open, in the way you are when you spread your legs on the examination table."

She took a step towards me. She lay her hand on my jeans, at exactly the place where my cock felt so stiff. "This little fantasy of yours really arouses you, doesn't it?" Her touch, even through the fabric of the jeans, felt like an electric jolt. Then she added: "I also have a little fantasy that makes me horny. I want to watch you masturbate. Now here's the deal: You get that hard cock out of your pants now and stroke it for me, as long as I want to. You get naked, but I keep my clothes on. You're already so aroused, but you're not allowed to cum yet. While you pleasure yourself, I will slowly strip naked. You're invited to watch. I will spread my legs wide for you. And then you will be allowed to examine my body in all the perverted sexual ways you have been fantasizing about in your dirty little mind."