Muschi Miracle

A Sexual Fantasy

— By bloom

I don’t know what it is about, but I find most younger guys better in getting down on me. They look at my vulva as if it was a miracle… they really appreciate what they are about to discover inside and outside and everything just comes so naturally.

The highly aroused boyish face, with some fascinated bright eyes looking alternately at my vagina and my face and the slightly opened wet mouth between my legs just turns me on. His head is just leaning comfortable on one of my thighs while fingers are feeling what the pretty lips are going to taste in a moment. He is concentrated... The tongue travels to hidden tasty spheres under my swollen labia, but without a rush… put another finger… put your tongue inside… My pussy juice is a sweet drug that makes both of us high, so let me taste it too. We're on a trip...
He can feel that it costs me time to reveal the secret of my marvel, but as soon as the boy finds the key to open my beautiful casket, it comes out loudly by an energetic tremble that seems sometimes never ending.