A Sexual Fantasy

— By Audrey

Mrs.R is my law lecturer at university. She's young, hot, kind and smart. When she enters the amphitheater, the time stops for a while. I see her, entering the room, in slow-mo, whipping her beautiful brown hair, smiling at the crowd and taking a seat right in front of me. I fancy her a lot. Which is quite unusual to me, because I go for boys. But she has this strong presence, intriguing me, almost intimidating me. I often picture myself being alone with her in this gigantic and dark amphitheater. I see myself going up the stairs, trying to reach her on the podium. Then I get closer to her and start whispering in her ear. She looks me right in the eyes, and passionately kisses me. We turn around, I gently pick her up and lay her down on the desk. I'm taking my shirt off and start undressing her. She kisses me again. Wildly. As I go down on her, I gently kiss her neck, breast and belly. I'm enjoying this moment, so does she. Suddenly we hear a noise coming from faraway. Then lights turn on in the room next-door. "Shit" she says, "I've a lecture in 10 minutes!". We quickly get dressed. As I leave in a hurry she says "Stop! When will I see you again?". I turn around, smile and respond to her "in 10 minutes".