Mr Bio and Me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Sassy70

Hi about hot for teacher...but it would be the other not so popular teacher. Whom everyone talks about behind my back. Just that one hot science/ biology teacher who seems shy and inhibited. He's the only one who has my back but I don't know that. Until one night I decide to go out on the town. Low and behold all the teachers are at this drop in pool bar, far away from school halls. Even hunky Bio is there.

The band is about to start and I overhear the end of their noisy conversation. They are talking about me not getting any old school bullying backstabbing nasty shit. I am devastated but Mr Bio says..."Why do you think that, I reckon she's pretty and hot". I don't know why he's saying that. He doesn't even speak to me just smiles and nods respectfully. So I walk up behind him and wrap my arms around his waist, whisper in his ear.

By now the band has started playing. I pull him to the tiny dance floor and we move first a waltz and then a nice prelude raunchy dirty dance. Close as we can be to each other. Music plays slow now, quieter. And I whisper "Pretty and Hot?". He speaks to me with his hands, he slowly rubs my shoulders, then my back, then my ass. Are we leaving? nope, he just wants to rub it in their faces. I find out later because he got me, he got me good. His dick isn't big, it doesn't need to be.

But oh my... he is hot for the fucking. So hot, no drama, just him his mouth, his cock, his arms. Mr Bio is chemistry and I am his beaker!!