A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lucretia

We are on the highway and the music hasn't been playing for a few hours now. My window is half-broken and only lets go a thin flow of air through to my hair. The heat is barely tolerable and I can't stop wiggling in my seat to find some freshness. I turn to my friend and stare at him as he stares forward to the flat road before us. I can't stop looking at his massive arms around the wheel; covered in sweat. I slowly slide my hand along my pants and start caressing my pussy. It is already moist -unless it's this haunting sweat again. Without a word nor a look at me, he starts touching me with his right hand, the other still fixed on the wheel. He looks relaxed, almost indifferent. I spread my knees a little, then put my foot on the windscreen. We are driving at 75mph, passing giant trucks on the left. As I start moaning, I hide my face from the drivers that can -might? surely do- see me. My pussy swells up, pulsing, all covered with fluid. I can't stop myself from screaming when I finally come, I throw my head back, my legs shivering with violent pleasure. He brings his hand to his mouth, licks it, and carries on driving.