Mother May I

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Cookie

I’ve always had very large breasts. I take pride in them, drawing my partners in with their size. Mostly I dress modestly as to not draw too much attention, but privately I love the way my cleavage looks, begging to be squeezed. As my partner and I discuss growing our family, I think about my biologic role and what my titties will be like producing milk.

I fantasize about them growing swollen, even bigger than now, my ducts so full I start leaking onto my clothes. Luckily my partner is nearby to pull the top of my shirt down so both of my breasts pop out and my engorged, dripping nipples are exposed. My partner squeezes each full breast before lowering their head to my lap. They use their tongue to find my nipple and latch, drawing a flow of my creamy, warm milk to their mouth. We both release quiet, intermittent moans as I caress my partner’s face as I nourish them with my body. I sometimes help, holding their chin to keep a good latch. They switch from one of my titties to the other and I watch as a little milk drips out of their mouth. I enjoy this so much that toward the end of our session as my partner finishes suckling, I part my labia and slide my fingers into my pussy which is warm, wet, and swollen. It doesn’t take long for me to climax. And it won’t take long before more milk comes in.