I just had the most incredible orgasm ever

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Satisfied

I just had the most incredible orgasm ever! 
A fit boy has been sending me nudes and I was super horny tonight, so I turned to my dear friendly vibrator for relief. I was buckling in for a pretty standard wank - nothing special. But, I was very very wrong.
After a wee while of the usual moves I hit some magical special sweet spot, hitting my clit at the perfect angle at the perfect vibrator speed - was heaven in an orgasm. I could see iridescent colours it was that good - Like looking through a kaleidoscope. And I kept coming, even after the button was off and I was just lying there, it kept going. So I did it again, shuffling up some pretty wild masturbation positions, riding the vibrator and leaning against the wall, I did it all. Now my bed is in a pretty state, as am I.