More Than Best Girl Friends

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kyra

This fantasy comes from my craving for the same sex, and the idea of being caught. Enjoy!

My room mate/ best friend had just returned from a shower, wearing only a towel and emerald underwear. I sat on my bed, peering over my book as she blow dried her hair in the mirror, when her towel drops and her rear is in full view, just as perfect as the rest of her body. I bit my lip and though I knew I had to look away, my greedy eyes kept taking in her beauty. Travelling down from her shoulders to her gloriously rounded bottom, and then down her legs and back up.

As I look up however I see her looking at me through the mirror, startled I feel my face glow red hot as my book flies up to hide my flustered state. I hear the blow dryer turn off a few minutes later, and sense her moving around the room.

Suddenly she’s in front on me, a delicate finger lowering my book as I am left to lock eyes with her. In this moment, longing like no other I have ever experienced wells up inside me, until all I can do is wordlessly beg for her touch.
She obliges, lifting her hand up to my chin and gently guiding my face so to bridge the gap between our lips. Upon contact my body seizes with lust, longing becoming hunger as I taste her sweet lips, feel her soft tongue dancing gently along my own lips as if it were the magic words to open my own mouth. As I do, our tongues meet and once again I am filled with desire, desperate to taste and feel and experience as much as I can of this fantasy, in fear it may soon shatter.

But it never did. Clothes came off piece by piece until at last we were skin to skin. I wandered her body- learning what made her skin break out in goosebumps and made her bite her lip in a poor attempt to stifle a moan. I learnt what it felt like to have delicate lips kiss my most intimate areas, and how to most gentle touches can cause the most erotic sensations.