The moment we became fuckbuddies

A Sexual Fantasy

— By buzzlightyear

She whirled to face him and found herself pinned against the edge of the bathroom counter, their bodies not quite touching, his hands resting just outside hers on the corners of the vanity. He was a good deal taller than she was, and she had to tilt her head back to meet his eyes. She could feel her pulse racing as she gazed up at him. Did she trust herself to speak? "What are you doing?" Her voice was a hoarse whisper. She was using every ounce of her self-control to stop herself from touching him, from acting on the wild fantasies filling her head, from ducking under his arm and dashing out the door, from spontaneously combusting due to the heat spreading outward from her core."You were watching me." It wasn't a question. "You were thinking about me." She started to deny it. "No, I was just..." He cut her off. "Do you know how I know that you were watching me and thinking about me?" She shook her head wordlessly."Because I was watching you and thinking about you. Because I can't stop myself from watching you and thinking about you. Because every time I'm around you I think I'll go crazy hoping that I'll look at you and find you looking back. And I finally did."She looked at him, half skeptically and half hopefully, wanting to believe him but finding it hard to reconcile what Daniel was saying with her own insecurities and her knowledge of his dating history. And suddenly, with blinding clarity, Amanda saw it. She saw that his pupils were dilated so that there was barely any green visible at all, that his breathing was just as shallow as hers, that his arms were tensed beside her to the point of trembling, and, finally, most excitingly and most terrifyingly, that through his jeans he was visibly hard.She felt a rush of wetness between her legs, and a thrill of feminine power drew a slow smile across her face. He wanted her. The signs were unmistakable. She reached a hand up towards his face and ran one finger along the five o'clock shadow that roughened his jaw line. Then it happened. We fucked like animals until the sun came up.