Moaning Massage

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sven

I enjoy giving my wife a massage when we're off to bed, just to ease the tension in her body. I light candles or put on some relaxing sounds, whatever makes her mind wander off. In secrecy, I sometimes want to go further. I offer her an erotic massage instead; welcoming her to her treatment in the dim light dressed in nothing, removing her clothes (except the panties) without saying a word. Presenting the bed to lay down upon and placing myself beside her. Beginning with the ordinary massage, not forgetting a thing and taking my time, remembering feet and fingers. Doing everything a bit slower than usual and letting my hand wonder around her body. Finally, slowly removing her panties with her still lying face down. Taking some of the oil and stroking myself all across the front side of my body. Using my body for massage and sliding all over her back, behind and legs, still using my hands for pressing in a more "massaging" way. Letting them slide all over her legs, the inside of them and up on each butt cheek. Letting my hand slip further and further up. Her entire body is shining with oil, as well as mine. Adding more lube and letting my hand touch her there, while the other hand slides between the butt cheeks briefly touching her anus. One finger slowly sliding inside her and the other hand continuing to massage her butt, the legs and the back. With her moaning, I increase the stimulation sliding my fingers inside her pussy and the other hand around the anus, finally letting one finger slide inside. Hearing her moaning even more, having trouble lying still, giving her even more. My god, I'm hard now! Turning her around, placing myself between her legs slowly letting my cock slide up and down and finally into her ass. She touches herself. Presenting a toy for her clitoris and slowly fucking her ass. My hands stroking her body and pussy. As she comes, so do I, exploding inside her with eye contact. Resuming the massage on her front side after a while. She wakes up renewed!