Mirror glances

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Xson

We're both sitting naked on our bed. Me, leaning against the wall. Julia, sitting in front of me between my legs. Her back lies against my chest. We're both looking in the same direction, into the mirror opposite us. She turns her head around and we're beginning to kiss each other. Intensely, sensually. She can feel me pulsating on her lower back. My hands are caressing her neck, moving down to her beautiful breasts and her sensitive nipples without directly touching them. Circling around slowly before taking them both between my fingers. Stroking and dragging them. She moans for the first time.

I reach for her hands, touching them and directing them slowly between her legs. I'm the director and she's my actress. I'm directing her to touch herself. My hands are moving again to her breasts, to her nipples, to her throat while she begins to moan louder. Our glances meet in the mirror opposite us. Seeing her caressing herself arouses me deeply. I feel her heartbeat speeding up and her temperature increasing. She begins to sweat, as she reaches climax. I'm holding her tighter and tighter, as her muscles begin to contract, as she begins to scream out in lust.

After her heartbeat begins to slow down and to pulsate at a normal frequency, she's turning around with a smile. A bead of sweat falls down between her eyes. While lying on her knees and elbows, she says “let us live wild and dangerous”. Her butt reared into the air, she begins to take my cock between her beautiful and soft lips. Sensual. Her eyes closed, while mine are wandering to the mirror behind her....