Mind the Gap

A Sexual Fantasy

— By aimee24

I live in London, and doing so, visit my family in Scotland quite regularly. I get on the long journey from Kings Cross quite regularly, and its around a 5 hour train journey, often filled with writing emails for work, reading, and watching Netflix. It can get pretty boring, pretty quickly. I fall asleep on one of these journeys, and find that a girl has sat next to me from the last stop. She is gorgeous, in a way that a pretty average girl like me has only seen on big screens. I tell her she is beautiful, and she laughs. We start chatting, and she is easy going, and makes the same journey regularly. I haven't found it this easy to talk to anyone in a while, and I relish her every word. I am pretty inexperienced, in that I have had strings of long term straight relationships, and here is this sexual, gorgeous creature - who seems to be flirting with me? No, it must be a naturally friendly demeanour. She offers me wine, and I take it. I don't usually drink. After a few, we're halfway through our journey still before her hand slips up my thigh. There's no mistaking now, but this cannot be happening. Me, of all people. She asks me to come to the toilet with her.

I do.

Afterwards, we rush to find our cases. We step onto the platform and I look back over my shoulder to see her run away, into a taxi, and smile at me as she goes.