I can´t resist a man of metal

A Sexual Fantasy

— By southerngirl

I am a huge metal fan... and I have to admit, I get so turned on by male grunts and screams. In fact, I would love to fuck a guy who can make those noises perfectly. So I´ve always had this one fantasy that I hope one day might come true...

I´m at a bands show, front of the crowd, watching the frontman as he sings and strums his guitar. His growls and guitar solo´s are orgasmic. I´m watching him and suddenly his eyes are on me. He smiles. I´m a bit shy but I can´t stop staring back.

Later on he approaches me at the band´s meet and greet. We talk about music, our favorite guitars... until he invites me back to the hotel he´s staying in. Once we´re in the bedroom we don´t waste any time. He takes of my clothes... my t´shirt, bra and panties fly all around the room. He takes my head with his arm whilst the other reaches for my waist as he leads me to the bed.

First, he kisses my ear, my neck and my mouth before drawing a line with his tongue all the way down to my pussy. He kisses and licks my pussy gently, before sliding his finger into my vagina... it´s so hot! I pull his head up so I can roll him over to kiss and massage his body before putting his full hard dick in my mouth. Those gorgeous male grunts and growls start to rise out of his throat.

Suddenly, he pulls me up and turns me around and we start to fuck doggy style, a position I´m crazy about! He starts slowly, before getting faster with one hand on my waist and the other at my throat, not hard, but enough to know he´s in charge. As I start to reach climax his hand reaches down to massage my clit, growling and grunting into my ear. I cum within seconds!

I can tell he´s beginning to tire, so I tell him to lie down and straddle him. I tease him by going slowly as I knew he wanted it faster. But I simply love the expressions of surprise on his face when I start to build speed. Then as he´s on the edge of climax, I bring my lips to his wet, throbbing penis and lick and suck until he can take no more, letting him cum all over my tits as he lets out a huge scream... just like he did at the show.