Messy Melody

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Diomond

i currently have this thing going on with a german musician (actually he is a classic musician but he makes rap music right now). We met on a festival last year and have met on other festivals since. I've been to his gigs, we've been kissing after the shows, we've been chatting online and exchanging videos… So far, i haven't been to his place because he lives in a different city. I always fantasize about sleeping with him, at his place. I've seen some details in the videos he has been sending. There's this huge piano. Plants. There are more Synthesizers. Candles. A Macbook for recording. Microphones. Guitars. Wooden floor tiles. It's a small apartment, the bed is in between all his instruments. In my fantasy, I am at his place and he's playing the piano. With his neat black trousers but topless. With his masque, as a rapper he has this masque with weird rabbit ears. And he plays his classical stuff. And there are the plants and candles. And the piano sound is soooo goooood. With the wooden floor ist is all so warm and filling me up. And I 'm on the bed and everything's so sexy. And then I get up and over to the piano. I come from behind and kiss him on the cheeks. And then I go down on him and while he is playing this wonderful music I give him a blow job. And he just straight puts all his excitement in the music unless he can't play no more. And we just fall down in the middle of all this instruments (and the piano goes on playing by itself, god knows how this works). And we get sooo messy between all the microphone cables and guitar stuff. And note sheets, and there's more sound evoking, the hotter it gets with us, there's more instruments playing, it's super loud and we are so messy. And I am really really turned on by all these cables and technique. Uff, it just blows my senses.