Medical Exhibition

A Sexual Fantasy

— By witch_trials

Since I was young I have been touching my vulva to orgasm. As I grew I became a more and more chronic masturbator, finding anything that vibrated or could be pushed inside me when I came. As time passed I found masturbation... easy and boring. Around 19 I discovered the thrill of going to the doctor for my yearly pap checkup. I would purposely go to different walk in clinics so a different doctor would look at me spread wide. I was discovering a medical fetish which I still have at 38. In fact the last time I went to my doctor, when he did the digital exam with his fingers, I squirted all over the table. I digress though. In order to get over the boring time I was having masturbating, there was one fantasy that always pushed me over the edge... I had been studying art history, and loved the old paintings and drawings of the large surgical theaters in the round, filled with men, what looked like a ceramic embalming table in the middle for the corpses to lay on while they did there lectures and human dissections. So my fantasy that pushes me over the edge each time is being put on the table, for a hysteria study. Strapped down. At least 100 eyes watching, as the doctor manually explores me. I am cautioned to be quiet, as he spreads me open and the men are staring, fascinated, as my back arches. This teaching doctor is only used to corpses and is rough, and insistent, he is not stimulating me for my pleasure, but it is his roughness and the observance of others that causes me to gush, over and over. He does not acknowledge my clitoris but his hand is large and rough and the glove he is wearing occasionally catches the hood of my clit and causes a near orgasm, many many times. It is at the point that he is now asking students to come closer, and watch as he calms my hysteria, that I am near orgasm myself. He tells them to reach in, one finger, to 5 or 10, I don't know how many of these strangers touch me and I cum so hard, I almost feel I might go hysterical, shuddering, feeling the eyes on me.