I have a special taste for married men

A Sexual Fantasy

— By HumanAfterAll81

I confess it: I have a special taste for married men.

When I see them so happy with their beautiful wives I cannot help to think how easily they would break all the rules of loyalty to their women just because of my seduction. How much their lovely and tender words towards them would become so dirty and nasty because of my provocative questions: "Is it better than with your wife?"

Probably that's just a problem of competition but in my fantasy my boss, in the office, a beautiful, charming and young married man is as usual on the phone with his sweet wife. It has been days since we started playing dirty with words and gestures that have no other meaning than the desire we feel for each other.

So, I make my move, starting to caress his ears and neck as he speaks so tenderly with his wife. She talks and talks and I kiss and kiss him...then I go further and I go down under his desk. I make a sign to tell him "Go on, keep on talking" and my mouth is ready to give him a pleasure like she never did. He must keep control to not change his voice as I work on him, and I cannot help to look at the picture of her in her wedding dress the day of their marriage. I feel so naughty but it is so beautiful: the pleasure of sin.

He comes inside my mouth, caressing my breast with one hand as the other holds the phone, telling her how much he loves her and other things, before not resisting anymore and whispering "Mmmmmmmhhh...Francesca!" without caring about her on the other side of the phone.

Did she hear? Yes? No?

I don't know, I don't care: I just had my morning coffee. With milk! <3