Maybe YOU can teach me a lesson?

A Sexual Fantasy

— By HotNBTutor

I work as a tutor and one of my student's mom is always complimenting me when I go over to their house, my profile picture when we text about billing details, she sends me links to things we both find interesting like intersectional feminism or books of authors we both appreciate. I absolutely admire her and her work, what she studied and her career at the moment, and find her very attractive. Lately I've been teaching remotely and every now and then she finds a way to pop up behind her son to say hello, usually in sportswear/leggings or a bathrobe, it's such a turn on and I think she's aware of it. Whenever I get the chance to teach in their home there's this palpable sexual tension between us, when our bodies are close or when we just linger by the front door with some useless small talk when I have to leave. She's such a tease even over the phone, I'll call to know if a lesson is still happening and we'll keep talking for over an hour, her voice turns me on so much... A mutual friend has told me she finds me attractive so I know what I feel is reciprocal. I keep wishing that the next time I go over there in person she'll ask that I stay for a cup of tea while her husband takes the kids to drum practice and we're finally alone.