Mata-Hari's lover...

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

Erika, Mata-Hari (Margaretha Zelle) is a relative of mine. This year, 2017, there will be a lot going on around her, the famous strip-tease dancer, courtesan and alleged spy, who was killed in 1917 accused of spying for Germany. My dream is, in 2017, 100 years after her death in front of the firing squad, to make a beautiful erotic film about her as a courtesan in Paris. She loved men in uniform, lived in luxurious apartments and hotels, maintained by her lovers. A lot of mainstream films, series and documentaries will be released this year 2017 about her, so there will be enough media coverage around her! Can you do it, make a beautiful, erotic story about one of the first feminists of the 20th century? It would be a great honour for me, if you did it! Thanks already Erika.