Master of the Household

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ted & Nancy

My wife and I both like wife-rule-domination fantasies. Her relationship with me is a loving, equal relationship full of respect. We're both very active in loving, serving, helping and supporting each other. We both work hard for a living. We've been married 18 years and things are better now than ever. Generally speaking we live a very "main stream" kind of life, are active in church and other social engagements, nothing exotic, which is how we like it.

However, at home when we're alone, she doesn't ever want to take on any kind of submissive role, though she's definitely never pushy, bitchy or abusive. It's just a warm and gentle attitude of "I'm in control here and what I say goes." She often walks around the house either completely naked or "bottomless" and she does so as a statement of "look at what controls you." On the other hand, she might stay fully clothed and have me undress for the evening. For her, having me masturbate in front of her in various parts of the house at different times, sometimes on my knees, whenever she says so, is an act of submission on my part and is a live demonstration of it. And sometimes, that's all the sex she wants to have.