Man Crush

A Sexual Fantasy


The pavement is overcrowded, and I irritably inch along in a wave of bodies. At one point I look up and striding ahead of me is the immense presence of a 7ft tall woman. From behind, I see her immaculately coiffed, thick, ash blonde bob, like a halo above a bright red, 1980's Thierry Mugler power suit with enormous shoulder pads and a tightly cinched waist, giving her the impressive, triangular look of a body builder. Her skirt hovers at mid-thigh over sheer black pantyhose and she wears three inch patent black stilettos that accentuate her impossibly long legs and muscular calves. I trail her for a few crowded blocks, awed by the power she exudes, even from behind, delightedly watching as the crowd parts for her, like a warm knife through butter. Two men approach in suits, who are much shorter than her, and I sense immediately that they're steeling themselves in an unspoken refusal to move out of her path. They do not want to emasculate themselves in front of each other, and I watch with titillated horror as one might watch a car crash. She moves ahead with intent, and as they almost collide, her hands shoot out from her side and grip their shocked faces, her long, bright red talons sinking deeply into their fleshy cheeks. Seeming almost to lift each of them from the ground with sheer brute force, in one powerful thrust of her immense arms, she sends them both flying ass backwards onto the pavement, where they lay in shocked disbelief and humiliation. She does not break pace and continues on, while I stand in shock, mouth agape and watch her disappear. I never see her face.

Forever more I fantasize about riding like a small child on her capable broad back, gazing forward as she strides with purpose through crowded streets. When she tosses aside the men in her path like they are nothing, I laugh and squeal with delight, kissing the nape of her neck and nuzzling her luxuriously soft hair, yelling ecstatically about how much I love her. She strides on and each night rocks me to sleep in her beautiful big arms.