The Man Who Has Almost Everything

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RunningChris

I'm a straight transguy, about 2 years into transition. I've had my top surgery and I'm on testosterone. My life's great and normally I'm happy with my sex life, even though I've had no bottom surgery (and might never have it). I've been in a long term relationship with my lady but I've never had sex as a man with someone who hasn't known me in the female role. Here is my fantasy:

I'm out alone at a bar or club and there's this stunning, very feminine and slightly curvy lady, who very quickly makes eye contact with me. We drink, dance, laugh, flirt and finally hook up. I don't have to come out to her as trans because she simply doesn't care about what is or what isn't in my pants. We move to her place and start making out. Things are highly passionate and she knows how to handle 'female' body parts because she's bisexual. She's changing between dominant and submissive smoothly, taking what she wants and giving pleasure to me, taking simply no notice of the 'untypical' physiognomy I have. Although no strap-on is involved, she sees and treats me like a man and I fuck her from all sides with my hand and with my tongue. She comes so heavily that she almost faints. Then it's my turn to be pleased and she makes me come by riding my t-dick just as if it was a 'normal' cock. The next day she texts me saying that she'd woken up later after I was gone, in panic that she could've gotten pregnant - realising only hours later that that's simply not possible. I text back 'Thanks for that great compliment' and I keep grinning for the rest of that day.