Making love under the naked sky

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Ranjita

It was a vacation and my hubby and I preferred a sea side. I enjoyed lying in the sun and swimming in the blue ocean. We met another three couples who loved swimming too. One of them was a young Sri Lankan guy called Andy. He had a very strong body and was very very sexy. But he was also very reserved.

There was a little island, around 10km from where we were staying. One day all of us planned to swim there, take rest in the fishermen’s cottages and return the next day. The next morning we all started for the island. A trained life saver accompanied us in a boat (in case anyone fell ill) and went to the island before us to take all the food we needed. But nobody could make it ultimately, save for me and Andy!

I was alone there with a man whom I only met a few days ago! I found the small island very beautiful, full of trees but deserted with some broken cottages. Next, we realized that there was food and towels, but the guy in the boat hadn't brought any new clothes! We both realized there were no other options...

We got naked and gobbled the food whilst having a friendly chat and enjoying the breeze. Andy was such a nice fellow, he never looked hungry, never groped or hurt me. We slept for long and woke up in the afternoon, watching the sunset. We felt no need to use our towels. There was a mutual understanding. We kissed each other passionately, and then, I made love to him, completely naked, under the naked sky. I played with his balls, while he drove me mad with his strong body!

We swum back the next morning, starting with a kiss. I knew he would never leave me, whatever may happen. Back at home, when I confessed everything to my love, I realized that we had all enjoyed each other, at the cottages or island. Laughing and joking, we shared every minute detail and had mind blowing wild sex that night together. From that day onward, Andy and his wife became our very good friends, with whom we could share even our personal details. I will never let loose this tie.