Make Me Feel Beautiful

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Qualia_Reed

My biggest turn on is when you can tell two people are completely enamored with each other. Every single part of that person; every scar, wrinkle, stretch mark, freckle is something to marvel at. The best sex I ever have is when my partner zeros in on me like the world has disappeared and traces every part of me, slowly, with their fingers. With their mouth. With their eyes. Teasing me with their breath and little touches until I am convulsing and ready to climax from sheer anticipation. Once my partner finally touches me, I am so completely turned on, zoned into them that I want to devour them and fuck them until I am screaming. The crescendo of small touches growing into the roughest, most turned on sex that brings me into a transcendent high.

Lately, I have been imagining this scene with Owen Gray (because I love how he looks at his partners, so engaged and I love his smirk when he sees he's turning someone on) and a healthy, plus size brunette. I am a size 16, like many women in America, and I often feel like I don't look beautiful during sex, despite the engagement and love that I get from my partner. In erotic cinema, I rarely see people that look like me. It's either people who are trying to fulfill the fat girl fetish, people who are super curvy with a skinny waist, or people who are very skinny. I would love to see a plus size woman be portrayed in a beautiful, strong, feminine way without a highlight on the fact she is larger than the typical girl. Larger girls deserve to feel feminine and desirable, too.