Make Me Believe In Your Art

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anonymous

Recently I started sleeping with a prolific painter and I'm very nervous because next to photographers, painters in NYC are quite misogynistic and self-centered. He's very sexy though with a very open mind which is what draws me to him.

He hasn't gone down on me yet (bullshit I know) so I have a fantasy about him using paintbrushes in his mouth to tease my whole body slowly and lightly. It starts gently but soon he starts painting me with a thin blue line all around my body and around my thighs. We're in his studio and laying on canvases, I'm naked and vulnerable in every sense. He teases me ongoing; laying down, standing up as he draws the brush up the back of my legs. Finally he places a smaller brush into his mouth and teases me from my neck to my clit. He starts gently rubbing my clit with his brush, teasing me, teasing me until I come.

This is for you to decide but I think the art underneath us as we get up to shower is beautiful and I realize his art.