Lust Train from Paris

A Sexual Fantasy

— By annamauriac

It happened on an ordinary journey by train from Paris to Lille, the one I used to do every Thursday night. One hour and two minutes, a time long enough for me to become one of those anonymous women who enjoyed offering themselves to strangers. It was one of those summer days when the heat makes everything unreal and when the appetite for sex is nothing but visceral. That is why I opened my legs, showing what was under my skirt to the two men in front of me while I was staring at them. "Why not ?" was the only sentence coming into my mind. The likelihood that both men would agree to play with me was weak. That's why I opened my legs even more, beyond indecency. One of my labia was offered to their sight, out of the lace that was supposed to cover my intimacy. I must admit that I'd already acted like that on previous journeys. I'd had different responses from indifference to embarrassment, from a simple request for a phone number to a warm "see you soon, mademoiselle". But no man had given me what both my mouths were craving. The two travelers who were facing me, this time, exchanged a few words. Then, each of them placed a hand on one of my knees, it was only the consequences of my desire and I wasn't a shy young girl anymore. "Is this really what you want ?" said one of them with a croaky voice that made me feel almost insulted. I shook my head like a good girl. Then, the bravest of them came to sit beside me, he put his salted thumb into my mouth, his other fingers holding my face. I gave myself to him as if I were a pet. With the other hand, he lifted my skirt over my belly and spread my panties to the side of my labia, offering my shaved pussy, swollen by all the dirty thoughts I had at the sight of his friend, who soon came between my legs to lick me and to insert his tongue deep inside me.