Lust in furs III

A Sexual Fantasy

— By memory

I've always enjoyed watching women masturbate. Her right hand strummed back and forth and I noticed her watching me. I slowly milked my cock for her from bottom to top producing a small drop of pre-cum. It rolled down my helmet before I caught it with my thumb. She whimpered as I massaged it into my cock before resuming my wank. A white ring of juices had gathered at the base of Drews cock. Emily was extremely aroused and her pussy was so wet that I could hear it sliding up and down. I couldn't wait any longer and I began to feel my orgasm rising in my cock. I held my breath and turned to Kate to watch her touch herself before blowing my load all over my stomach. Kate watched intently and almost immediately came too. Her hand was moving a lot faster now. She twitched suddenly and moaned as she came. We stayed for a few minutes enjoying our post climax. Rory who was still masturbating stood up and placed his cock in Emily's hand as she lay back on Drew still grinding on him. At that point Kate and myself decided to leave. She and I both have partners but she had been my pill dropping buddy for years so we justified it as a simple wank between mates. We never had sex together but after that night we often got together to get high and watch each other masturbate. I still dream of Kate.


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