Lust in Furs II

A Sexual Fantasy

— By memory

I turned to Kate and whispered "is this okay with you?" to which she replied "Hell yeah, I'm so fucking turned on right now". I hadn't noticed her hand down the front of her jeans until now and I could see her knuckles moving up and down in her pussy. The music playlist had ended and the noise of Emily's pussy being eaten along with Rory jerking his cock filled the room. My cock was aching hard so I took it out and began to rub it slowly at first and then steadily into a rhythm. I had never done anything like this before and I wasn't embarrassed but my heart was thumping. Kate sitting right next to me was now engrossed staring at Emilys ass. With her back still to us, she sat on Drews erect cock. She slid down slowly as her pussy fully engulfed it, then arching her back, she slides back up exposing his hard wet shaft which was now shiny from her juices. She pushed back and forth riding him with her hips. Next to me, Kate had bunched her black panties and jeans down to her knees. Her left hand spread her pussy lips whilst her right hand was sliding over her clit. She only used her right middle finger and I could hear her take short breaths as she rubbed her clit back and fourth. Emily was still riding Drew when she looked back to see us spectators all masturbating. She turned her back to Drew and opened her legs towards us as she lowered her pussy down again on Drews cock except this time she began to masturbate also. She was gazing at my cock and I had to hold back from cumming at least a dozen times. The hottest thing was seeing the look of fixation on Kates face as she watched Emily fucking. Her mouth slightly open and her middle finger sliding over her clit. There was a scent of sex in the air along with the squishy noises of wet, erect flesh being pleasured, pressed and fucked.
I watched Rory still jerking his cock across the room, I watched Emily moan as Drew penetrated her again and again. Amidst all this going on, I found I couldn't take my eyes of Kate pleasuring herself. TBC (Read Lust in Furs I)