Lust in Furs I

A Sexual Fantasy

— By memory

Back in the day my close friends and I used to consume a lot of banned substances. Our weekends were spent expanding our minds or clubbing in Galway city. However the events of one Saturday night at my mate Lukes house will stay with me forever. We were all feeling the love that night as the warm embrace took hold of us. It was sometime around 4am and the five of us were on Lukes bedroom floor passing joints and enjoying a playlist of constant beats from Lukes laptop. Emily was sitting directly opposite me whispering into Andrews ear when suddenly they started to kiss very lustfully.The rest of us, Kate, Rory and myself laughed at first but they didn't stop kissing. Emily reached across and massaged Andrews cock through his jeans. I was surprised. I could feel my heart beat faster and the sounds of the sloppy kiss were turning me on.
My cock was beginning to bulge. I looked at Kate next to me who had her eyes fixed on Emily and Drew. Emily opened Drews zipper and fully uncovered his cock. She pulled his foreskin back and forth once before leaning over and taking him in her mouth. His hand rolled down her back and he began to remove her tights. He then threw her short black dress up over her back exposing her beautiful ass and thighs. Keeping her right hand on his cock she reaches down with her left hand and removes her panties. I watch as her wet pussy leaves a brief trail of her juices before she cuts it with her hand as she slides the panties down and off completely. Rory sitting on a beanbag the far side of Kate was now slowly masturbating watching the oral sex get more intense. Emily stood up and spread her pussy across Drews face. He immediately began to explore her clit with his tongue. From where I was sitting I could see her ass and pussy from behind as she began grinding her pussylips across Drews mouth. Drew was now pulling his cock hard whilst eating Emily's pussy. Emily used both hands to spread her ass cheeks. It was so hot to watch. I couldn't believe what was happening.
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