Baby I love your mangoes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By wtf

I don't know this girl very well. I find her madly attractive but we would not be good friends. I am just mesmerized by her mischievous laugh, her beautiful cleavage that she shows off with her enormous self-confidence, her shining eyes, her irony, her thick hair, her curvy waist and juicy butt.
We go shopping for bikinis and swim suits together on a hot summer morning. We share a fitting room. We are both curvy girls who are proud of their boobs and bums. So we encourage each other that we look good in what we try on. When she slips out of her bra and panties to try on a bikini I try to peek to get a glimpse of her pubes and her nipples and I see her big clitoris peeking out of her labia.
When we both wear funny bikinis she slaps my butt, laughs and says "Lookin good, girl!". This slap send shivers of lust to the center of my body and I feel how my pussy starts to get wet and wants her touch. I am a bit confused after she came so close to me and it turned me on and I don't know how to go further from there. So a bit clumsy I slap her butt back but keep my hand there and knead it a bit while biting my lip and grinning. As I see how she enjoys it I gain confidence and cup her breasts with both my hands and say "Also the top really accentuates your mangoes, baby" as I laugh about how silly I sound. At the same time I blink at her and put my face between her boobs and start to kiss them slowly pulling away the bikini top at both sides as I start to use my tongue more and more the closer I get to her nipples. She reaches over my back to slap my butt. She can't reach it so she pulls on my bikini bottoms to make me feel the pull on my labia. She pushes me away and pulls down my bikini bottoms and makes me sit down on the little chair in the changing room.
I want to kiss her breasts again so I untie her bikini top as she plays with my breasts and my belly and kisses me. I bury my face again in her boobs and lick one of my fingers that I slide under her bikini bottoms to make her clit wet and then we both finger fuck each other hard.