Love & Watersports

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LovingHusband

Watersports... Golden Showers... Urination... Why are these acts always synonymous with degradation and humiliation? Treating these acts as oppressive and demeaning expressions means that you miss out on the beauty - the reverence - of this shared experience.

So what does it mean to me?


My wife and I share this experience with each other, and it is tender and vulnerable. It can only be realized if we are both feeling safe and comfortable. We are exposing ourselves to each other in a way that we never thought we would expose ourselves to another person. It is sacred - it is private - it is our own personal and intimate baptism.

We are intimate.
We trust.
We are complicit.

All I ever see is punishment, deviance, and torment. It makes me sad - sometimes it even offends me. It's beautiful - not dirty. It's love - not disdain. It's a way that we become closer - and I fear that many will miss out on this intimate experience, based solely on an unfortunate narrative contrived by others.

Trust each other.
Allow yourself to be vulnerable.