Love in pc time

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SecondFlowering

Years have passed and my body, weighted, was filled with pain. From the brow to the ankles, there were days when I wanted to immerse myself in the fabulous source of well-being.
I also began to feel transparent. Let me better explain: my passage through the world seemed to happen without the company of a look, of any attention from the others.
One day, I received a letter that, roughly, ran as follows: "Dear lady, I know it is an illusion to imagine myself lying on your body or even sucking your tongue. My cockiness breaks in front of the rustling of your clothes. I wish them pull away and enjoy even just the sight of what they conceal. Your breasts, your belly, your thighs, triumph in my imagination. I wish I can show you the effect that your skin does on my senses, on my cock that would like to explore every hole of your body. Forgive the vulgarity, but this way to make you know my thoughts about you is also the only way to give vent to my carnal passion. If you want me to continue to write to you, change your image on facebook and I'll understand. "
A few days passed since I received the anonymous letter, and finally I decided.
Front of the mirror I took a close-up of my eyes and I think never, in my life, they exploded so great desire.
Since that time I changed a lot of pictures of the facebook profile and every time it was as if I opened my pussy and all my holes to the unknown person who had filled my loneliness.