Love Hate

A Sexual Fantasy

— By MamaMel

I never relinquished the power to make be  angry to my lover, I wasn't in love, but he let me down. So next time we meet he will be greeted with a slap in the face. I will pound on his chest, push and shove him until his back is against the wall. He won't let it go on. He will grab me with his strong arms and spin me around, pinning me against the wall. Holding my hands above my head, he will whisper "I'm sorry Lady" in one ear, then try to kiss me, but I turn away. In the other ear, he swill say "I've missed you" and press his hard cock against my hips. All my emotions will start to pool between my thighs.

He bends me over and fucks me like I wanted him to the night he left me waiting. He makes me scream like only he can. Using up every piece of me, until all of the pain is replaced with the pleasure, and everything is right with the world.