Loss of Virginity

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anonymous

I'm a 23-year-old virgin- and I'm not thrilled by the fact. I find myself disgracefully shy and nervous around the men I'm attracted to, which makes it difficult to communicate- and therefore, fornicate. However, it leaves me quite a bit of time to fantasize about my first time. My favorite? I'm a bartender in a posh, downtown hotel to put myself through med school. The frequent turnover rate of guests allows me to be flirtatious, but never fully engage. Every few months, the same gorgeous man appears at my bar with stylishly disheveled hair and a loosened tie. His dark, lustful eyes watch me do my job until last call. One night, we finally talk and hit it off. He's charming and polite, but his words are threaded with devilishly sexual intentions. I can tell he wants me, and I want him. But my nerves start to kick in- this is uncharted territory for me. Nevertheless, he continues his flirtation, and I try my best to reciprocate. Our connection is undeniable and simply feels right. With his signed receipt, he leaves his room key and a note, inviting me to his room. I throw caution to the wind and join him. When I arrive, he caresses my face, my hair, my body. He tells me he's been wanting to do this with for a while. He kisses me passionately, leaving me no time to overthink and wonder what will follow. In the midst of the sexual fog, I reveal my innocence. While surprised, he revels in it. He asks me if I masturbate and demands I show him. He then holds me down and devours me until I explode, then drives me to the edge with toys. I am a woman possessed, any awkwardness or nervousness subdued by my sexual awakening. Finally, he ties me arms to the headboard and takes carnal delight in claiming me, thrilled that he's the first one to do so. My pleasure is his pleasure, and when the dawn breaks- I walk out of the lobby a satisfied woman with a sinful business card in her back pocket.