Losing my virginity...to Silvia Rubi

A Sexual Fantasy

— By megan

I’m Megan. I’m a virgin..but I want to change that, on camera.

I’ve always been interested in art, & aesthetics. I’m in love with the idea of creating erotic films that are cinematic & beautiful. I’ve never had sex, or been touched by anyone before. But I’ve been interested in getting into feminist porn for a while now. The idea of losing my virginity in a film that people are going to watch really turns me on sexually ( & artistically if that’s a thing) and I can’t stop thinking about it ever since I had the idea. It would be such a intense & vulnerable experience & I want to do it so badly.

I want to be dominated by a woman who’s a little older than me and sort of rough my first time having sex, since this is a confession, every time I fantasize about this all I can think about is Silvia Rubi being the one who’s fucking me for the first time...Her dominance on screen is so hot & her eyes are SO PRETTY. Just thinking about her is making my heart race. Fuck. I watched “Feminist & Submissive” & “Girls Fight Club” & I knew I had to finally send this confession in since I literally can’t stop playing this fantasy over in my head.

My fantasy: Silvia & I are on set and the filming has started, my heart is racing from nerves but also anticipation to be touched for the first time. She pushes me down and talks about how I haven’t been touched before, and what she’s gonna be the first to get to do to me, she slowly kisses down my body for a little while, as if she’s going to delicately fuck me since it’s my first time but before I know it I’m handcuffed to the bed & she’s demanding I suck on her strap on & then starts fucking me hard, as I lie there desperately trying to hold it together. She’s rough but careful at the same time, telling me I take it so good. She gets mad when I say fuck because I’m supposed to be young & innocent but I tease her and say it again. The cameras taking our bodies in reminding me that people I know might watch this one day which manages to turn me on even more.