Losing my virginity... again

A Sexual Fantasy

— By NorahAurora

After the deliciously slutty sex life I've had since I lost my virginity—bed hopping all around, experiencing the wildest adventures—it became evident that I've lost the connection to my own sexuality and was in stead doing it for the thrill of a good story. Out of the realisation came the crystal clear decision to become celibate for a long period of time. Within two years, I've reconnected to my own sexuality again. So much even that my dreams started to show me the burning desire it felt for... well... losing my virginity again. In those dreams I was touched, caressed and fucked exactly the way I wanted without any of the shame or repression I felt before. With every dream I felt a pulsating light inside of me pushing me to the top of a climax. Only to wake up and see that I just orgasmed without even a single touch of my body. That on it's own is something I want to experience over and over again. But what a beautiful fusion of my old self and new self would it be if I were to lose my virginity again in a gorgeous XConfessions movie...